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Tot. Ep. # Title Original Airdate Production Code Media
8 201 The One Wherein There Is A Big Twist (2) October 19, 2005 201 Links (2)

The conclusion of the cliffhanger involves the cast crash landing on a supposedly deserted island. The cast mates, with the exception of Toot, make it back to the house, where they start to interview new roommate possibilities, including Scorpion from the Mortal Kombat video games.

9 202 Foxxy vs the Board of Education October 26, 2005 202 Links (3)

Spanky gets downloaded with a virus and in order to get life-saving health insurance, he must "gay marry" Xandir. Meanwhile, Foxxy is busted for not having a Mystery-Solving License and she convinces Ling-Ling to take the racially biased test for her so she can go back to college to finish up her degree.

10 203 Little Orphan Hero November 2, 2005 203 Links (3)

Captain Hero suffers a bout of depression from the loss of his parents. He copes by going to therapy, but shortly thereafter, he discovers his parents are, in fact, alive. Meanwhile, the other housemates start a suicide hot-line business and learn about responsibility and working together as a team.

11 204 Captain Hero's Marriage Pact November 9, 2005 205 Links (3)

Captain Hero gets a visit from his ex-girlfriend, UFG (Unusually Flexible Girl), who reminds him of their marriage pact once they both hit 30. Meanwhile, Foxxy Love tries to get the Foxxy 5 band back together so they can all reclaim their fame.

12 205 Clum Babies November 16, 2005 204 Links (3)

Wooldoor hits puberty at long last and can't keep himself from masturbating. Thus, his Clum Babies with their healing powers are born. Clara, however, thinks this is an act against God and vows to stop him. Meanwhile, Ling-Ling's bachelor days might be numbered as his mother and father send an arranged battle mate to the Drawn Together house.

13 206 Ghostesses in the Slot Machine November 30, 2005 206 Links (3)

When the housemates start to notice strange Poltergeist-esque occurrences, Foxxy discovers that the house is haunted by the souls of 1,000 dead Indians. The gang decides to give a piece of their property to the Indians as a gesture of peace, and the Indians build a big Vegas-style casino.

14 207 Super Nanny December 7, 2005 207 Links (3)

Upon seeing the reality TV show Super Nanny, Captain Hero purposefully acts bad so he can summon Super Nanny and challenge her once and for all, because he thinks anything called super is a challenge to him. Meanwhile, Ling-Ling tries to get his driver's license. When he fails miserably, Wooldoor helps him become more "Americanized" so he can pass.

15 208 Terms of Endearment January 25, 2006 106 Links (3)

Captain Hero uses his X-ray vision to spy on the girls in the shower. As a result of doing it too much, Foxxy receives a brain tumor. Afterwards, Captain Hero feels so guilty that he decides to give up his powers, which makes him a quadriplegic in a breath-controlled wheel chair.

16 209 Captain Girl February 1, 2006 208 Links (3)

Captain Hero's sidekick, Captain Girl, is killed by the evil Mad-Libber and replaces her with Wooldoor. Toot learns the hardships of being a mother to a Nicaraguan baby.

17 210 A Tale of Two Cows February 8, 2006 210 Links (3)

Toot uses a video game cheat book to get Xandir to accompany her to her fat camp reunion. Wooldoor brings home a live-action cow from the live-action forest.

18 211 Xandir and Tim, Sitting in a Tree February 15, 2006 209 Links (3)

Captain Hero's alter-ego, the mild-mannered reporter Tim Tommerson, comes to visit and spends a lot of gay time with Xandir. And the housemates learn that "Drawn Together" has received an "F" from Entertainment Weekly and seek revenge.

19 212 The Lemon-AIDS Walk February 22, 2006 212 Links (2)

Captain Hero is determined to win the AIDS walk, no matter how many steroids he must take to be the best walker around. Wooldoor gets in trouble at the mall for stealing some candy.

20 213 A Very Special Drawn Together Afterschool Special March 1, 2006 213 Links (2)

Xandir looks to his housemates for help in telling his parents he is gay. They do a little role-playing and, as usual, things get out of hand.

21 214 Alzheimer's That Ends Well March 8, 2006 211 Links (3)

Clara gets an extreme make-over of her own when she gets an operation to remove her "Octopussoir" and give her a normal vagina again. The housemates, believing Toot to be old and suffering from Alzheimers, check her into an old folks home.

22 215 The Drawn Together Clip Show March 15, 2006 214 Links (2)

The best of the past two seasons in clip-show form.